Se disser que fui pássaro / If they say I was a bird

Se disser que fui pássaro / If They say I was a bird

vulcanized rubber and wood

“To incarnate in a body with the wisdom of flying. Surveying the city from above with minuscule-fast-powerful muscles. The complexity of human emotions condensed to adjust themselves to the format of a small mouthless creature. Body-colour, soft feathering. From the sky, the city is pure geometry, contour, line, chromatic palette. Ever-shifting materiality, now seemingly static due to the distance apart. Earth, water, blood, architecture, people and birds. A concrete drawing. Would this be Ana Mazzei’s physical experience? Artist’s dimension, having once been a bird, observed the Earth from a distance, the eyes penetrating the skin-like surface, a thin and translucent membrane, making it possible to delve into its depths from afar. Compulsively excavating, unearthing the world of the living and of the dead, which in turn becomes a stage from which detritus and wreckage stem and pullulate”. Maria Montero, curator

Exhbition viwe at Galeria Jaqueline Martins, may 2014