Monolito e a Sentinela / Monolith and the Sentinel

Monolito e a Sentinela / Monolith and the sentinel

The central column of Pivô’s reception –one of the supporting bases for Copan building – is the point of departure for the artist to construct a ‘monolith’ similar to a stage set object. These large blocks of stone invariably have a mythic aura and are associated with a notion of permanence; its materiality cannot be unnoticed. The monolith, being a monument or a mystical element, involves and fascinates those who approach it.

This ‘fundamental stone’ constructed by the artist will be guarded daily by a ‘sentinel’. A figure that protects and keeps the monolith, contributes to the creation of a mysterious environment in her surroundings. By composing these two characters – the monolith and the sentinel – Mazzei disarticulates the habitual dynamics of the reception space.

As one enters this kind of portal between the streets and Pivô, the visitor is intrigued to let go of their daily experience inasmuch as they approximate themselves to this rock, which the artist attributes ‘transcendental properties’. Passers by in the inner streets of Copan and Pivô’s public are invited to an exercise of fantastic narrative creation proposed by Ana Mazzei.

The monolith is only a front door.